The Challenge:

The Rendon Group (TRG) was asked to provide an on-site strategic communications team to provide counsel and deadline-driven quantitative/qualitative media analysis products covering a variety of languages, media outlets, and time zones to meet operational battle rhythms.

Our Solution:

Within hours, TRG deployed a Senior Communications Strategist to work directly with the client in southern Europe providing on-site communications strategy and liaising with a reach-back team in Washington, DC, as well as the Combatant Command in Stuttgart, Germany, and the European headquarters of an international security agency. TRG tracked key communicators and stakeholders in the media and provided a variety of assessments about their public statements, including an analysis of their media influence and exposure via statistical charts, as well as a qualitative assessment of their impact in the global media environment. Additionally, TRG developed and delivered a number of unique communications products to support the analysis and tactical execution of strategic communications programs in support of the operation.


TRG’s 24-hour monitoring of major storylines about the Operation, and a broader daily multi-national media summary, became a vital tool for the Command’s operations. TRG’s products provided a greater international context for the Public Affairs, Information Operations, and Strategic Communications activities. TRG’s support transitioned across Command structures and continued until the conclusion of the Operation. TRG also provided a lengthy and comprehensive analysis of all communications activities by all stakeholders throughout the entirety of the Operation. This analysis has been used to inform communications activities in subsequent, relevant Operations.  

Other Case Studies

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