The Challenge

The client is a US-based, multinational corporation in the tech sector.  The client is a leader in its field, employing tens of thousands of people around the globe. While the company is relatively young, its rate of expansion has been so rapid that human resources have struggled to stay abreast of meeting the needs of 20,000-plus employees distributed around the world. As a result, managers and human resources often resorted to addressing workforce challenges on a case-by-case basis rather than following carefully thought out processes and procedures.  Recognizing that employees may require additional support before, during, and after a serious natural or man-made disaster or other catastrophic events, the client wanted to develop a policy for workforce support that would proactively prepare human resources and management chain of command to provide consistent, near-real-time responses that would reflect an understanding of the unique needs, environments, and cultures of its employees around the world.  

Our Solution

The Rendon Group (TRG) assembled a research team to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of workforce support policies at multinational and public companies and presented the bench marking data to the client.  The client indicated the range of support measures that would be feasible based on the size of their workforce, their budget, and their corporate culture.   TRG analysts developed several drafts of the policy in direct collaboration with the client and then developed a Playbook and Decision Matrix, as well as a Training Presentation for the company’s supervisors.


The Workforce Support Policy was tailored to the unique cultural norms of both the client and its global workforce and was designed to help protect the company’s most valued asset – its employees. Through TRG’s support, the client was able to provide clear guidelines, training, and procedures to supervisors and employees. This structured policy and implementation plan significantly improved response times to employees in need and realized cost savings for the client. The client also reported increased employee satisfaction in support received from human resources and supervisors. 

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