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Direct Support &


The Rendon Group (TRG) strategists augment our client’s information, communications, and engagement capacity,  providing direct support on external engagement efforts to national and international audiences.

TRG creates, packages and disseminates various information products; conducts media training; and provides immediate capacity for engagement. TRG stands ready to implement communication, outreach and marketing initiatives through delivery systems ranging from personal contact to earned media strategies, in order to better achieve our client’s short, medium and long-term objectives. 

Activities in support of this service include:

  • Messenger Management: Through a proprietary approach to scanning the Global Information Environment, TRG analysts compile customized databases capturing the Third Party Validators (3PVs), Key Communicators (KCs), and media contacts relevant to a client’s area of interest to serve as vital media outreach tools.
      • Third Party Validators (3PVs) are the subject matter experts journalists consult to validate the assumptions or assertions that serve as the basis of news and information. 
      • Key Communicators (KCs) are the spokespersons and other officials who communicate policy actions on behalf of a government and/or other institutions.
      • Media Contacts include journalists, bloggers, and other influencers producing impactful content across the full spectrum of the media landscape: traditional print and broadcast media, as well as digital and social media.
  • Tactical Training: TRG stands prepared to dispatch Tactical Communication Training Teams that will provide mentoring, on-site training, or classroom training to our clients and their partners.  

  • Operational Engagement: TRG assists clients in the initiation of recruitment training and implementation and the dispatch of three (03) Operational Engagement Teams: Content Generation; Content Dissemination; and, Real-time Rapid Response.

  • Data-Driven Decision making: Using a variety of AI enabled platforms, TRG maintains real-time situational awareness of the global, regional, national or local Information Environment. TRG utilizes this data to make decisions and provide recommendations that enable our Clients to lead the debate rather than be controlled and/or victimized by it.