Enhanced Situational Awareness

Information As An

Element of Power

At The Rendon Group (TRG), we believe information is an element of power. Through a myriad of customized and comprehensive research and open-source intelligence products, TRG provides its global clients with focused situational awareness and insight into the geopolitical landscape needed to improve operations, strategic planning, and decision-making.  

Our products are customized to fit our clients’ unique needs and interests and are delivered according to the clients’ preferred schedule. Our news products help clients prepare for the day and weeks ahead, highlighting information they need to know while avoiding information overload. All news products are produced by experienced Media Monitoring Analysts and undergo a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure  content meets the clients’ individual specifications.

Activities in support of this service include:

  • Global News Alerts: TRG monitors thousands of national and international news sources 24/7/365 to provide clients with near real-time news alerts of breaking developments around the world. TRG offers Global News Alert subscriptions covering various topics, geographic regions, client brands, and/or customized alerts tailored to a client’s specific needs and interests. 

  • Daily News Briefs: TRG researchers produce a daily Global Overnight Overwatch Report designed to provide subscribers with an overview of the previous day’s political, economic, military, security, health, and tech-driven news developments from around the world, plus a calendar forecast for the day ahead. Briefs are delivered every morning to ensure subscribers begin their day armed with the information they need.

  • Weekly News Digests: TRG researchers produce weekly and semi-weekly news digests focused on geographical and/or topical areas of interest. Each digest includes top stories of the day, newsworthy quotes, key upcoming calendar events, and summaries of news clippings from a wide range of international media sources.  

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