Lifelong Learning

Staying Current with TRG's

Leadership Educational Advancement Program (LEAP)

The demands of operating in an ever-changing geopolitical, economic and cultural landscape requires a commitment to lifelong learning. Leaders must continue to acquire new skills, keep abreast of innovation and key technologies, and learn to collaborate across public and private sectors in order to provide the best possible leadership, both today and in the future. Future global leaders need to learn both the art and the science of the simultaneity of competition and collaboration, if they are to succeed in the future.

TRG’s Leadership Educational Advancement Program (LEAP) is designed to provide emerging decision makers with the broad global experiences, knowledge, and expertise they need to effect change within existing and future policy frameworks.

TRG’s LEAP Subject Matter Experts, through their briefings, provide insight and understanding that support the demand for lifelong learning, helping leaders and the workforce constantly assess their environment as well as add context and perspective that will help to support their organizations in times of upheaval and uncertainty. These briefings help organizations remain on track as well as convey how they would benefit from the utilization of new engagement strategies.

Through LEAP, TRG can help participants build a sustainable network with fellow professionals, across borders and boundaries, who share a commitment to addressing the unique choices and challenges with which they are confronted in their respective workplace, political environment or area of operation. This camaraderie significantly contributes to an intensive learning opportunity that will become the basis for both personal and professional success and collaboration for years to come.

The Leadership Educational Advancement Program includes the following services:

  • Mentor training
  • On-the-job training
  • Classroom training