Comprehensive Media Monitoring

The Challenge

In the age of non-stop information, it is more important than ever for our nation’s leaders to have access to high-quality news products. Mobile technology and the emergence of social media as a vehicle for media dissemination has made news more accessible than ever, but it has also led to information overload and the viral spread of disinformation. The Rendon Group’s Media Monitoring service ensures that our clients stay informed of current events. Our Media Monitoring Analysts review thousands of domestic and international open source information sources 24/7/365 to develop products tailored to each client’s needs and interests. We rely on human analysts to curate content for our news products as experience has shown that while using the latest technology to gather information saves time and money, there is no substitution for the judgment and insights of skilled and trained media analysts.

The Rendon Group was contracted by a Federal Executive Department to deliver daily news products to keep both a Cabinet member and Department staff informed of developing media coverage surrounding their work across the United States.

The Department required almost immediate delivery of comprehensive news products covering the day’s major news stories from sources, including all major national and local newspapers, national and local television, national radio, news wires, internet publications, magazines, legal journals, specialty press/trade journals, and Twitter. 

Our Solution

With only eight hours notice, our experienced Program Manager had a Team in place to begin reviewing media coverage; and, within 24 hours from contract signing, The Rendon Group was producing all required deliverables.   

The Rendon Group utilizes tools covering international and domestic news outlets, social media, and television and radio broadcasts to collect thousands of news clips from national and local print and broadcast media outlets. TRG’s media monitoring analysts review each clip and select the best and most relevant for inclusion in our custom news products.  Each clip is evaluated based on the source, the author, the relevance of the subject to our client’s interests, and the time and date of publication.    

To ensure consistent quality throughout the product life cycle, The Rendon Group developed tailored guidelines for the production of the daily news products based on collaboration with the client. The COR provided daily feedback at the start of the project in order to establish their format preferences and focus on the deliverables.  Any requested changes by the COR were implemented in real-time, ensuring that each deliverable met the client’s current needs.


The Rendon Group continues to provide the client with superior news products and outstanding customer service.  Delivery of our news products is on a platform that ensures accessibility across all devices and operating systems. Our client has expressed particular appreciation for our ability to provide comprehensive news coverage, without cumbersome duplication of news stories.  

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