Planning & Preparation

We nurture digital transformations

for next-stage brands

Using our Knowledge-Based Network of subject matter experts (SMEs), across a diverse set of industries,  The Rendon Group (TRG) is uniquely positioned to assist clients with support that enhances and complements ongoing business development, marketing, and outreach efforts. By understanding our client’s business goals and identifying target audiences (i.e., customers, partners, decision-makers), key messengers, messaging, and the best-suited delivery systems to achieve the desired effect, we help our clients map their approach to grow their business and subsequently condition the marketplace in ways favorable to them. 

Activities in support of this service include:

  • Strategic Planning: TRG SMEs include company co-founders John Rendon and Rick Rendon and the global Knowledge Based Network (KBN) they have established over the past three decades. The KBN includes domestic and international experts from the military, government, academia, and corporate spheres. Pulling from this network, TRG convenes Operational Planning Teams tailored to our clients’ unique needs to conduct deep-dive, in-depth planning or wave-top planning to help our clients achieve their objectives. 

  • Forecasting Calendars: TRG knows that time is the only non-renewable resource. Accordingly, since our public and private sector clients live and work in a time-deficit environment, we believe time should be an ally and not the enemy in the successful implementation of strategy. Thus, our researchers produce event-driven prospective and historic forecasting calendars in order to help clients take advantage of events, holidays, anniversaries, and other dates significant to their goals and interests. Whether targeting a specific region or a new line of business, our forecasting calendars bring awareness and highlight opportunities to maximize strategic objectives.

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Reports: TRG researchers produce customized research products on key topical and/or geographical areas of interest and relevance for clients with an international presence and/or interest in strategic planning and risk management. Reports are carefully customized to address each clients’ needs and produced on a client’s preferred schedule.