Chirp Chirp – 02 August 2020

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02 August 2020.  Congratulations to Canada, whose latest engagement on COVID-19 is innovation and collaboration, at it’s best and should be modeled by others (and quickly). See: <

Someone in Beijing has placed all the diplomatic work in Latin America at risk, by facilitating fishing ships from China to encroach on, and place at risk, all maritime species in the Galapagos Islands. Right now there are 260 vessels that Beijing has sent. Everyone should object.

Chirp Chirp – 26 July 2020

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26 July 2020.  WARNING: despite the challenges with COVID19, Norway’s Svalbard archipelago hit a record high of 21.7 degrees Celsius. From Alaska to Russia’s Siberia, the Arctic islands are warming faster than almost anywhere on Earth. #HighNorth #GlobalClimateCrisis

The totally denied space known as North Korea which should have been immune from COVID19 until this week, when it announced a case & promptly blamed a returning defector from South Korea. Far more likely it was a visitor from Beijing or Moscow.