31AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: Sudan’s power-sharing government signed a peace agreement with the country’s five key rebel groups, taking a significant step towards ending the deep-rooted conflicts that raged under the country’s former leader Omar al-Bashir. AMERICAS: Firefighters made progress against two of the largest of dozens of lightning-sparked wildfires raging in the US state of […]

30AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) stressed the need for an inclusive return to the country’s political process. AMERICAS: The United States’ top intelligence official has told lawmakers it will largely stop holding in-person briefings on election security, signaling that it does not trust lawmakers to keep the information secret. […]

27AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: Angola’s government unveiled a new 2020-2025 energy roadmap which foresees oil discoveries of up to 57 billion barrels of crude oil and 27 trillion cubic feet of gas. AMERICAS: Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says Canada has offered to join Lebanon’s investigation into the recent Beirut port blast on the condition that […]

24AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: Zimbabwe’s government summoned the Vatican’s representative to Harare following the growing criticism by Catholic bishops of the government’s human rights record. AMERICAS: Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura tore through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents in Louisiana and the island nation of Cuba, as […]

23AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: The Sudanese Prime minister announced that the country was ready to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC), so those accused of war crimes in Darfur have tribunals, a list that includes ousted President Omar al-Bashir. AMERICAS: Tropical storm Laura produces heavy rain over the Dominican Republic, the United States National Hurricane […]

20AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: Army colonel Assimi Goita claimed leadership of Mali’s new junta, as the junta’s spokesman reassured the public that daily life could now resume. AMERICAS: US Senator Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President. ASIA: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for a rare congress of the ruling Workers’ Party […]

19AUG20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari held phone discussions with Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz over stabilizing and rebalancing global oil markets. AMERICAS: Former US Vice President Joe Biden was formally nominated as the Democratic party’s presidential candidate for November’s election. ASIA: Chinese authorities evacuated more than 100,000 people due to floods on […]

Chirp Chirp – 26 July 2020

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26 July 2020.  WARNING: despite the challenges with COVID19, Norway’s Svalbard archipelago hit a record high of 21.7 degrees Celsius. From Alaska to Russia’s Siberia, the Arctic islands are warming faster than almost anywhere on Earth. #HighNorth #GlobalClimateCrisis The totally denied space known as North Korea which should have been immune from COVID19 until this week, […]

Chirp Chirp – 21 July 2020

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21 July 2020.  The Hot Peace in Libya may expand today as Egypt votes to deploy troops there, resulting in UAE, Egypt and Russia arrayed against Qatar, Turkey and Italy. It is quite possible that the next engagement along the China-India border is between drones from either side. Something to watch (every pun intended). Credit to the Government […]

Chirp Chirp -14 July 2020

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14 July 2020.  In another setback for Russia’s domination of the Arctic, Russia has had to issue another state of emergency for a second oil spill by Nornickel in three (03) months. With the world focusing increasingly on the environment, because of the Global Climate Crisis, this will become a test for Moscow. One significant […]