13SEP20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: The leader of the Mali military junta government, Colonel Assimi Goita, vowed to establish an 18-month transition government, at the close of talks on returning the country to civilian rule following last month’s coup. AMERICAS: Two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot multiple times, apparently in an ambush, while in their […]

02SEP20 Global Overnight Overwatch Report

Key Storylines AFRICA: The World Health Organization says a new polio outbreak in Sudan can be  linked to an ongoing vaccine-sparked epidemic in neighboring Chad, just one week after it declared the continent free of wild polio. AMERICAS: The US announced they will not join a global effort to develop, manufacture and equitably distribute a […]

Global Overnight Overwatch Report – 08 August 2020

Key Storylines AFRICA: The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) urged the African continent to increase compliance with the public health and social measures as COVID-19 continues to spread across the continent.  AMERICAS: White House negotiators and Democratic lawmakers were unable to reach an agreement on a new stimulus package, as the […]