Video Production

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Video Production

We are true storytellers that produce a wide array of video deliverables including documentary and docu-style, commercials, public service announcements for both TV and radio, highlight videos, training videos, marketing videos, educational videos, animated videos, social media content, and fundraising videos. TRG prides itself on being a “work with” company in terms of creative. We enjoy becoming experts on the material we feature on screen.

With state of the art cameras, lighting and audio equipment, editing platforms and animation software, our team executes all work in-house, from initial research to creative development, followed by production and post-production. All scripts are written internally allowing for efficient execution and delivery of targeted messages. We conduct casting for on-camera talent, background and voiceover artists when needed and have literally filmed all around the world.

Whether it’s a shifting deadline, new deliverables, a rain plan, or a worldwide pandemic, we’re quick to jump into action when needed. We’re accustomed to capturing content on the run, during live events, and on complex set-ups both indoors and outside. Our vast experience enables us to be comfortable and confident in any circumstance – whether we have 2 minutes to set up or 2 hours. We pride ourselves on meticulous production management. We know the value of proper pre-production planning and how it sets the tone for the rest of the production timeline. We’re masters of the project juggle and we never miss a deadline! Most importantly, if our clients aren’t having fun throughout the production process, then we’re not doing our jobs correctly!

The Rendon Group has been nominated for over 25 EMMY awards, and we are the proud recipients of six. Bottom line… we know what we’re doing and we have fun doing it!