Who We Are

John Rendon

President & CEO

Rick Rendon

Rick Rendon

Senior Partner

Pioneers In Global Influence

Capabilities and Support

The Rendon Group (TRG) uses a proprietary combination of services derived from our global experience in helping clients thrive in a competitive and often complex geopolitical environment.

Our clients are working to change, adapt and drive these realities. Our value is helping governments, companies and organizations identify and achieve their goals, whether through strategic communication and strategic counsel activities, enhanced situational awareness and media monitoring/global news alerts, direct support, Public Relations, and Marketing, special event planning or video production. 

We are committed to helping people win in the global marketplace by providing distinctive approaches, resources, and tools to communications challenges.

We help our clients tell their stories – exceptionally.


The Rendon Group Philosophy

Our objective is to provide the highest quality services and products to our clients, in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We believe in excellence and in our strategic ability to provide our services and products anywhere, anytime.

At TRG, we believe in people.  This belief stems from our admiration and respect for cultural diversity, and in the wisdom and knowledge that come from the relationships we have formed with people and organizations around the globe.

Wherever we work, we maintain personal involvement and a commitment to working directly with our clients.

We are proud to have a dedicated, passionate group of individuals working together to tell the stories of clients.


rendon philosophy

Strategic Communications – Edge Thinking

We are Pioneers in Global Influence, helping our clients navigate through tough communication challenges.

TRG’s decades of experience working across the globe has provided unique insight and unparalleled worldview. With TRG, our clients benefit from the sophistication of our relationships, products, and trusted expertise gained from over 30 years of experience working on complex global communications challenges in more than 120 countries.

Our strategies are game-changing. We have influenced outcomes in our clients’ most critical operations and helped fulfill their vision and capacity with regard to strategic communications.

TRG clients depend on our cultural acumen and geopolitical savvy in a wide array of cultural and political environments from the austere to the modern. We work end-to-end campaigns for our customers and are equipped to achieve every strategic effect possible. We have planned and executed complex, global, multi-channel strategic communications campaigns for domestic and international clients.

Our Media Monitoring Strategists maintain vigilance on behalf of our customers, offering an unparalleled level of situational awareness and insight. We deliver real-time information, the most up-to-date analysis, and targeted strategies for executing high-impact campaigns.

Our monitoring and measurement techniques, analytical tools, in-house talent, and global network have consistently delivered transformative outcomes for our clients.

Our Boston, Massachusetts office features an in-house commercial production facility and an award-winning multimedia production team.